Where We're Made

We occasionally receive questions about where our products are made, material sourcing, etc. The short answer is that we source and produce some of our products domestically, some materials are imported and some cut-and-sew work is done outside of the U.S.

As a small business we’ve had to learn the apparel manufacturing industry through trial and error. To create products that are truly innovative and that folks will actually use in the field, manufacturing costs are an important consideration. No one we know is working in a $200 shirt.

Initially, we made all of our work shirts in Los Angeles. The quality was great but costs were so high we lost money on every sale. Then, we experimented with production in Pakistan, which is known for quality denim. That was a terrible experience that we don’t intend to repeat. Today, we are making a small portion of our work shirts in Uhland, Texas and the majority of our production has moved to Mexico. We decided on Mexico for a few reasons: proximity to Texas; labor costs and skilled craftsmen/women; access to materials; culture; and, of course, good food.

The denim used in our shirts is not common nor is it broadly available and must be imported. We source zippers and snaps in the U.S. for quality reasons. Our design work, sample-making and testing are performed in Texas.

We expect that our production processes will continue to evolve. However, our goal of offering quality, accessible, innovating workwear will continue to be the priority so we can get more of our products into the hands and onto the shoulders of people who will benefit from them.