Our Story

I grew up working on my family’s farming and ranching operation just outside of Uhland, Texas. Out on the farm you learn the art of creative problem solving and how to keep going until you get the job done. Those lessons are the driving force behind Ūland Gear and everything we do.

After graduating from Texas A&M engineering school, I spent much of my free time back home on the farm. Melting into a puddle fixing fences, laying on gravel to reach transmissions and running equipment with broken air conditioners in the middle of the summer kept me wondering why our work clothes were so uncomfortable. One afternoon, while working with my friend, a Tennessean, fellow small-towner, and exceptional industrial designer, we vented our shared frustrations about why none of the innovative energy in the apparel industry focused on clothing and gear used by those of us who work outside in the heat, dust, and elements. We knew that farmers, ranchers, landscapers, and construction tradesmen alike must be experiencing the same frustrations that come from the lack of nice looking, practical but comfortable work apparel. It became crystal clear that this lack of workwear innovation was something we wanted to find solutions for, and within an hour the first prototype for our Breathable Pearl Snap Work Shirt was drawn up and Ūland Gear was born!

The best part of about this business is that we get to share our innovative apparel  and outdoor gear with the people we care about most—hard working men and women who will benefit from extremely comfortable workwear that will make their jobs easier (and we LOVE field testing!).

So far we’ve received excellent feedback from customers who are putting our shirts to work in the field, and we’re putting that feedback into action. We’re developing new products every day and excited to hear from customers across the country who are interested in what we’re doing. Keep letting us know what else you need! We're on a roll and we’re just getting started.

-Adam Burklund, Founder